It’s All About The Experience

July 18, 2016

Gilger Logo on doorAs a close friend of the Gilger clan for many years now I have had the opportunity to watch and observe as they interact with their customers. I have seen jewelry repair of family heirlooms to a cherished favorite bracelet, and resetting of diamonds in a wedding ring. You never know who will walk through their door or what they are wanting to have fixed, or have made for a loved one. I was able to see a wax carving of an amazing engagement ring with the stone set in the carving. The customer came in with her mother to view the finished mock-up of the ring to be. I didn’t need to ask how they liked what they saw as the smiles on their faces and sparkle in their eyes almost matched the the stunning diamond set in the wax carving.

Jewelry can be purchased from many places. There are a handful of place that do completely one of a kind jewelry like Gilger Designs . What sets this incredibly talented and genuine family of goldsmith’s apart from other places I have been is the experience. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. I have to mention Durban the store greeter and mascot the most friendly and well behaved dog I have ever met. All that said I can’t imagine anywhere else I personally will ever go when I need that special one of a kind hand crafted piece for that special someone.


Michael Smith

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